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Laser cutting is done when a steel cutting die can not be used. The detail in the artwork is to complicated. The laser can follow the design and cut the pattern on the paper using the vector file the customer has provided. Cost is figured on time on the machine and a set up fee. The detail of the cuts have a lot to do with the pricing because the more detail the more time is spent cutting.




Laser engraving has many uses for our industry. We can make designs on leather if the cost of the metal die is to high for the type of work that is being done. This is great for a low volume jobs. Depending on the thickness of the leather we can cut the design out of the leather or burn a design on the leather.


Using the laser we can also engrave on wood and non-pvc plastics. We have made some plastic name plates for customers. We can also do laser work on the blade of knives to give them a personal look. The handles of knives such as the one shown above have become very popular. The handle of the blade is made of an antler off a buck that has been etched with the initials of the individual.  Give us a call to get more information on this.



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