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Brass Dies offer the highest quality of graphic decoration available to showcase your product in the best possible presentation. An item that dictates to the customer what type of die is to be used is the thickness of the paper and the amounts of hits to be done. Brass is the only material we use to make sculptured, combo, multi-level, and metallay dies. The following are some of the different applications that brass material can be used for.


The brass dies are only priced by a person once we see what is needed. If you have any questions about the pricing or the type of die you need please feel free to call us at (210) 695-2245. We hope you give us the opportunity to service your die needs for any projects you may have.



Embossing dies are cut on a CNC machine that is specifically set to make these dies. They are more versatile than the magnesium and copper plates. Using the CNC machine to cut the die gives us the ability to use a specific angle on the die and cut it at a specific depth. This material also lends itself to be used for longer runs on the printing presses. We offer counters for the dies if needed. We understand that the more experienced press person prefer to make their own so please be sure to let us know if we need to make one when you place your order.


Debossing dies are somewhat similar to embossing, but they recess the design rather than raising it. These dies are also cut to the same type of specifications but instead of cutting into the design we cut away from it. Unlike stamping dies these are not cut deep and with a sharp angle, but are made with a beveled edge and are cut to a depth dictated by the thickness of the paper. The plate is also cleaned from all cutter makers and polished smooth so no cutter marks are present on the paper when the job is done.


Embossing and debossing brass dies can be used for both blind or registered projects. All dies are cut to the depth of a standard 80 lb sheet and are considered blind unless told other wise by the customer. Giving us the thickness of the paper if not using regular stock helps to guarantee that your paper will not tear or rip. This information is very important to have so we can make sure you get the best impression on the paper.




Stamping dies made of brass are recommended for long run jobs or jobs that are repeated over time. The stamping dies are commonly known as foil stamping dies because they are used with foil. Foil leaf is available in every imaginable color and pattern, like standard gold or marbleized green. Rarer types of leaf come in matte, pearlescent, holographic, opalescent, or glossy finish. Semi-transparent layers allow an under color to show through. Not only does it provide a uniquely vibrant image with depth, foil stamping can be applied to a much more diverse selection of substrates* materials? in comparison to ink or print. Please keep in mind we are a die manufacture not a foil vendor.


Leather companies use these dies to stamp on leather. Some of these companies also use a hot stamp machine to put foil on the leather. The thickness of the brass is determined by the machine being used. Brass foil stamping dies are cut to a specific level and have a steep angle so that the foil does not touch the bottom of the plate. Brass dies used on leather are cut on thicker material and are cut extra deep so you can get a deep impression on the leather. These are some of the cut thicknesses 1 inch, 1/2 inch, and also on 3/8 inch square or dovetail plate.



Combination dies or more commonly known as combo dies because they do both foil and emboss at one time. For this reason must press men or press operators call these dies a one shot die. Using this combo die will give you both the raised look of an embossing die with the foil look from a stamping die. This die will also help with the set up on the presses.


Dies like these are used for letters as well. These are cut on the CNC machine and finished off by hand. The engravers will give the die a polished round look to the letters so when they hit the paper it will be foiled and embossed at the same time. This gives the letters a emboss feel with the foil stamp look.



Sculptured dies are the best dies for any presentation that needs to have memorable impact. Lotus specializes in creating brass sculptured multilevel dies of the finest detail. The Texas state boards of preservation commissioned Lotus Creations to create a multi-level brass die in the celebration of the state capital's massive renovation project. Creating a die that gave a three decisional impact to the finished project. The finished image shows a breakaway view of the interior and exterior of the structure and clearly shows the detail achieved through this multi-level embossing die with some sculptured detail.


Any image can be replicated; a person, animal, building, or scenery can be done. Having the ability to create such things with a combination of machine cutting and hand sculpturing from our finest artist gives these dies an elegant look with a custom made feel to it.



Multi-Level dies can give you both depth and a dimensional look to your design. Lotus Creations offers embossing (raised) and debossing (recessed) brass dies that cover the full range of geometric treatment. Combining both will give you a multi-level look needed at time to give an abstract look that comes alive from the paper you are using. Also using two emboss levels at different depths can cause your artwork to have more of a professional look to it.


The samples above show how this type of die can add detail and the illusion of multi level depths in the design. The die helps to give the design a perspective view making the building come a live from the book itself.




Metallay applications or appliqué are brass plates used for thick cover stock or board stock covers. Mainly yearbook companies and some book binding companies use them for their covers. Unlike a combination die that has a flat edge on the outside these dies are made to have a cutting edge on the outside so it can cut the metal appliqué. Imagine your custom graphic in gold or silver metal embossed on front cover of a book. This application can also be used with an overtone rub, in which ink is applied over the metal and the excess polished away to bring out all the detail of the design. Some of these types of dies have also been used on special edition Blue-Ray disc covers to give them more appeal on the shelf.



Brass mold dies are normally used be belt buckle makers when they are looking for a 3D effect on their buckle. Some are used by jewelers and have a funnel on them so they can inject the wax into the mold. . Some brass molds are used to make pendents for different or special events. We do not send counters with these dies unless ordered with the job.


Molds can be used for many jobs and will last for a long period of time. Giving us specifics on the machine that is being used will help us know if we can help you on your job. We look forward to hearing from you.

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